Branch Assistant Bohol

This position entails the following responsibilities
1. Branch Operations
* Oversees and controls the proper usage of the branch, including but not limited to office equipment, office supplies and office facilities and utilities via renovation, transfer, construction, repairs and maintenance
* Administers payments of utilities, rentals and services consumed or purchased by the branch as well as maintains the confidentiality of relevant documents.
* Submits reports and transmittals to the Head Office such as the Monthly Operational Expenses Report, BA Monthly Report, PR Monitoring Report, Weekly Monitoring Report (New Business), etc..
* Initiates the processing of renewal of contracts
* Handles the renewal of business permits* Distributes necessary Head Office memo and reports, business forms, SOAs, Checks, etc. to the agents
* Regularly informs and reports to the immediate superior/s matters concerning the operations, usage and utilities consumption of the branch.
2. Licensing
* Checks and monitors the applications and requirements of newly recruited agents and agents who want to renew their licenses, before submitting to Head Office
* Follows up agents of their pending licensing and renewal requirements
* Checks all documents required when there is an agency movement
3. Events and Promotions
* Disseminates information and/or reports coming from the Head Office to the agents
* Implements new guidelines and parameters of new sales drives and contests
* Coordinates with agents and with the Head Office for company-wide sales events
* Monitors agent’s activities if a contest requires it.
* Prepares proposals for agents
4. Accounting
* Receives initial and subsequent premium payments
* Deposits collections and prepares the necessary Daily Collection Report (DCR), PDC Summary Report and Daily Cash Count Report
* Safe keeps and monitors the Petty Cash Fund
* Issues Provisional Receipts and/or Official Receipts to agents and clients
* Monitors and audits the Provisional Receipts submitted by the agents and informs the Head Office if there are cases of missing receipts.
* Issues checks for benefit payment, policy loans, SD financing and utilities* Prepares report for replenishment of Revolving Fund* Collects remittances
5. New Business
* Receives and checks and encodes the new business application forms (Individual, SD and Group Business) submitted by the agents.
* Prepares the New Business Transmittal Report (NBT) for individual and SSIP applications and the Agent’s Financing Report for SSIP applications
* Receives and distributes the Underwriting Requirements to the concerned agent/s.and the issued policy/ies to the agent/s, as well as collates the signed Policy Delivery Receipt/s (PDR)
6. Policy and Customer Services and Claims
* Handles customer (agents and policyholders) inquiries and concerns, and then coordinates with the agents as well as the concerned departments in the Head Office.
* Handles policy benefits according to their limits and coordinates with Policy Services Department and the policyholders
* Receives and checks all required documents from claimants and collects reports from service providers needed in the processing of claims as required by Claims Department.
Minimum requirements are as follows:
Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s/College Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management or equivalent.
At least 1 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employee specialized in Clerical/Administrative Support or equivalent
Salary: 7000 – 9000

Salary: ₱10000 - ₱30000
Address: Bohol