Listing Specialist

Thank you for viewing this job posting.
I am looking for someone to assist in my ebay dropshipping *ebay listings* .
You must already know how dropshipping works and am familiar with eBay platform.
Especially if you know Amazon to eBay dropshipping.
Please write “I love dropshipping” in your job application so that I know you have read this. ***Optional – you can change this***
We are looking for someone who is self motivated and can work with little supervision.
This job will be part time to start at $0.30 (Max 20 listing per day) during provision and , upon confirmation, will pay $1.50 per hour (9 listing per hours)up to 20 hours per week. Both of these are negotiable based on skill and performance. If your job history and performance is superb, this will become full time at 40 hours per week. There are specific instructions required for full time and bonuses will be given on top of daily wages for the fulfillment steps.
Job Duties:

Finding Profitable Items
Listing Profitable Items
Keywording for the title

Training will be provided. But slight experience preferred. No experience is welcomed too.
Salary: USD 0.50 to 120 per month

Salary: ₱10000 - ₱30000
Address: Home based