Online English Tutor

Company Description
Yoyocat English understands the dilemma that most Chinese children are facing in the development of English competency: the lack of a sophisticated English-speaking environment in China. Therefore, the company is now offering one-on-one English language online experience via our newly developed system. We are committed to serve over 10,000 Chinese students in the upcoming year, and want YOU! to be with us in making this happen. We are now recruiting inspiring and energetic individuals who are native English speakers to be our part-time online English teachers.

Job Description
– Able to work seamlessly for at least 25 minutes in a row as we offer 25-minute 1-on-1 English teaching sessions to 4 to 12 years old Chinese students.
– Preferably able to work during peak hours: 6pm to 9pm during weekdays; and 7am to 9pm during weekends. (All time shown in Chinese Standard Time)

Yoyocat English has always tried to strive for the best learning experience of its students by recruiting excellent teachers only. To maintain this high standard, we require applicants to at least hold a Bachelor’s Degree (Majoring in English and/or Education will be an asset). Meanwhile, we do not accept applications from applicant without a Bachelor’s Degree.

Work Schedule, Environment and Hardware
You are your own boss. No minimum number of working hours required! You can also adjust your work schedule according to your needs. Location is never a problem as well. ***All you need is a PC Windows computer (preferably i5 or later) with a webcam and a stable internet connection.*** We do not care where you work as long as you can communicate with students clearly. Flexibility at its finest!

We expect our teachers to spend much time exploring and understanding the teaching and interactive functions of this new PC system and curriculum. This is crucial to bringing sophisticated learning experience for our students. We also expect our teachers to spend 3 to 6 hours before operating his/her class to ensure the quality of teaching experience.

We believe excellent teachers are the most important assets to our company. Therefore, we would like to offer our teachers a competitive rate of US$3 to $5/hour. Bonuses will also be provided based on individual performance.

Application Process
1. Submission of Resume and Cover Letter
Please send us your resume and a cover letter introducing yourself and your experience. The recruiting team will then contact shortlisted applicants after reviewing applications.

2. One-to-one Interview
The recruiting manager will arrange a video interview with applicants. The interview will 15 to 30 minutes long.

3. Introduction
Successful candidates will then be invited to go through an information package. This package will introduce the nature, the format and the guidelines of the curriculum, as well as further details of the teaching position.

4. Teaching Demonstrations
All candidates must demonstrate his/her teaching to one of our recruiters and the Head Teacher before becoming an official teacher in Yoyo Cat. Comments and suggestions will be given.

5. Paperwork
At this point, candidates are only one step away from being a qualified teacher in Yoyo Cat! Congratulation! You will submit all the required paperwork at this stage. Our recruiting manager will draft the contract and go through a list of information with you, so you fully understand your roles and responsibilities, especially in abiding our online safety and security standards.

6. You’re ready!
Each teacher will be given a unique set of username and password. Upon logging into the system, teachers can upload their availability to the portal so students can start making appointments with teachers whose availabilities best suit their schedules.
Salary: USD 3 to 5

Salary: ₱10000 - ₱30000
Address: San Vicente St